Collection: Aluminum 6061 Sheet and Plate

Aluminum bears a number of unique properties that permit its alloys to fulfill diverse roles. By using heat to age harden an aluminum alloy that contains silicon and magnesium, we create 6061 grade aluminum sheets and plates that are prepared to weather the roughest storms. Ready to get started? Just pick one of the listings you see here to learn more about how this versatile material might play a role in your next undertaking. AllMetals Incorporated makes it easy to choose a specific thickness that meets your minimum safety, stress, and strength requirements. Then, all you need to do is select one of our many convenient standard width and length combinations to find the perfect fit for your build.

Of course, we know your work is unique. That's why you can create your own custom size option on any listing page. Simply enter your desired parameters to see an instant price quote, and remember: We perform rough cuts for free on all our 6061 aluminum products. The aluminum alloy we supply at AllMetals is great for welding, forming and creating corrosion-resistant structures and work spaces. Click a listing below to learn more, and build something that's more likely to last.