Collection: Stainless Flat Bar

Our business provides steel flats that are particularly corrosion-resistant, and the steel can easily be welded by builders. Furthermore, this type of metal is frequently utilized to create machines that manufacture food because of its resistance to chemicals. The metal consists of a substantial amount of chromium, and the material has carbon. These two constituents are able to prevent corrosion and to increase the hardness of each steel flat. Moreover, the metal contains a moderate level of nickel.

In spite of its outstanding formability, the steel may not be strengthened by heat. The metal can handle exposure to most types of liquid; however, customers should not allow saltwater to come into contact with the flats. You can select stainless steel flats that have a length of one foot to eight feet, or you may customize the size of the products. Once you place items in our website's virtual cart, our software will automatically calculate shipping costs.