Collection: Steel Standard Channel

At All Metals Inc., we provide a wide variety of steel channels that are particularly easy to weld. These products have a width of three inches to eight inches, and you will be able to determine the thickness of each piece that you purchase. You can design a steel channel by choosing the length of the item, and our website's system will automatically calculate the price of a product that you have customized. In general, the more steel channels you purchase on our website, the lower the cost of every item will be.

The items that we sell are easier to bend than steel that has a low level of carbon. This type of metal is commonly used to make bars, beams and the corners of large structures, and the price of machining hot rolled steel with a high level of carbon is generally lower than the costs of modifying other types of metal. The exterior of each item in this category is substantially rougher than the texture of cold-rolled steel. Anecdotal evidence indicates that hot rolled steel that contains additional carbon may be especially resistant to the impact of water and to the effects of constant changes in temperature.