Collection: Steel 1045 TG&P Cold Rolled Round Bar

All Metals Online is your number one destination for the widest selection of raw metal materials. We are the most trusted name in the construction industry, as well as the hobbyist and D.I.Y. worlds, earning a reputation for delivering high quality metal products at fantastic prices. One of our most useful products is our line of 1045 steel rounds. With a superior surface that has been ground to a very close tolerance, our 1045 cold rolled steel rounds are some of our most preferred offerings.

All of our cold rolled steel rounds are made with strong, high quality medium carbon steel. We use the standard cold rolling process of passing the steel though rollers at a temperature cooler than its recrystallization temperature. This makes the steel stronger and reduces the grain size of the metal. With our Turned, Ground, and Polished steel, or TG&P steel, you can be sure your cold rolled steel rounds are of the highest quality. Browse our online catalog today at All Metal Online!