Collection: Aluminum Treadbrite

Tread Brite is familiar to anyone who has worked in an industrial setting. This durable material serves as ideal flooring that helps workers stay safe around heavy equipment and factory machinery. The low reactivity and uniform appearance of substances like aluminum Tread Brite also make it extremely well-suited to constructing heavy machinery and chemical-resistant work surfaces. AllMetals Incorporated makes it easier to find the Treadbrite you need in the precise quantities you require. Select any material thickness, width and length to get an instant price and shipping quote or place an order. Our offerings include free cutting for standard as well as custom lengths, and you can check out our listing details for information about pertinent material properties.

Curious about whether an item will work in a given application? Just check out one of these products. Our in-depth details let you view specifics, like weight per square foot and standard grade, and we're always eager to help you discover more. Reach out with your questions, or experiment with our custom sizing parameters to create the ideal Aluminum Treadbrite section for your next project. Get started by choosing one of the listings below.