Collection: Steel Tee is your number one one-stop shop for everything you need to successfully complete your construction project. We’ve been providing customers with the highest quality metal products since 1965, and we continue to uphold the same standards that earned our esteemed reputation half a century ago. Our experience in the metals business has taught us that there are many different types of metals suited for different jobs, and that is why we carry these hot rolled steel tees. All of our steel products are made from strong, high quality steel, so you can be sure your completed construction will remain strong for many years to come.

Our steel tees are made with hot rolled steel. Hot rolled steel reconfigures itself during the cooling process, and the result is a product that is very malleable and able to be reshaped to fit almost any circumstance. If you need to construct structural components like beams or cross sections, our steel tees are ideal. Buy hot rolled steel tees from today!