Collection: Stainless 304 Round Bar

Move your build along faster by using higher quality materials. The 304 stainless steel products you'll discover here at are made to satisfy demanding needs and fulfill diverse roles in a host of applications. Whether you want to fabricate temporary scaffolding, machinery housing or a permanently inhabited building, using round SAE Grade 304 steel is a great way to ensure your work lasts.

Who might be interested in Grade 304 steel rounds? This highly popular material is ideal for applications that might be exposed to weather, wind, chemicals or dirt. Because 304 steel resists corrosion and doesn't react with most substances, it's acceptable for use in everything from food preparation surfaces to space shuttles. Find your ideal size, choose a length, and start building with stainless steel today. Get your hands on some stainless steel round bar by selecting any of the available sizes below. If you can't find what you're looking for here, contact one of our team members via Facebook, Google+, Twitter or; we're always happy to help you source the right metals for the job.