Collection: Stainless 303 Round Bar

Grade 303 stainless steel fulfills a number of industrial roles, and its qualities may make it right for your next project. With a large percentage of its users based in the construction field, 303 stainless steel is favored for its low chemical reactivity and the fact that it's nonmagnetic. Here's how to find the right bar for your application. These austenitic stainless steel rounds are unique in that they can be machined with a relatively high degree of precision. Choose a diameter that fits your specs to view a listing page where you can pick additional details, such as custom and standard stock lengths.

In addition to offering complimentary cutting services with all SAE Grade 303 stainless steel round products, furnishes detailed material information. View any listing to see weight data, usage suggestions and other helpful specifications. If you're not sure whether a certain 303 blank is right for your build, send us an email. Get your project on the road by checking out one of the items below.