Collection: Aluminum Flat Bar

Grade 6061 of an aluminum flat bar has many uses because the alloy offers excellent weldability, cold forming, and cost efficiency. These aluminum bars have good machinability for fabricating screws, rivets, hydraulic valve bodies and connectors that are used in various structural applications including automotive components and aircraft. Ideally suited for electrical fittings, camera lenses, fishing reels, couplings and bicycle frames, the 6061 grade is used to manufacture aluminum cans and even foil wrappers for food, which makes it the most versatile type of aluminum alloy.

Blending aluminum, magnesium and silicon, 6061 bars come in assorted widths and heights to optimize production processes. Ranging from one-eighth of an inch by three-quarters of an inch to two and one-half inches by four inches, you can find the size you need to create uniform grain patterns for bridge decks, roof structures and arenas. Benefits of the 6061 aluminum bar include fair corrosion resistance, excellent structural strength and a fine surface finish in applications where appearance is important.