Collection: Steel Flattened Expanded Metal

Explore your fabrication options to the fullest extent with our selection of flattened expanded metal. Like all our steel sheet products, this expanded mesh is designed to match precise consumer tolerances and embody specific structural characteristics; these products are ideal for demanding conditions and long-term use. Expanded steel mesh offers a number of interesting alternatives for construction firms, subcontractors and other professionals. For instance, by employing a mesh instead of solid sheet, builders can reduce weight and thereby lower structural stresses. Similar benefits are incurred when steel mesh is employed in machinery and equipment enclosures; if you're designing a system or component that needs to maintain separation between itself and its users, mesh is a great way to do so without cutting off visibility.

Check out our broad range of metal mesh and sheet products to learn more about how this versatile substance might play a role in your next build or project. You can also browse our alternate offerings to work with metals like aluminum and brass. At, we're all about customizing our products to meet your needs, so if you don't see something that fits, let us know, and we'll devise a specially tailored product to match.