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Steel Floor Plate

Steel Floor Plate

Steel floor plates have a wide variety of useful applications. You can use steel plate flooring in situations ranging from construction, platform building, and much more. At, we have a selection of steel plates in a variety of sizes and gauges that is impossible to beat elsewhere. We know that safety is the number one priority when it comes to construction and public and private walkways, and that’s why our steel floor plate options are made with sturdy and rugged steel and feature treading to prevent slips and falls.

As with all of our products at, our steel floor plates are made with high quality steel and cut to your exact specifications. These steel floor plates can then be used in a multitude of situations, like during construction on a potential slippery surface, or can be used in finished walkways, truck bed floors, running boards, ramps, stair treads, or anything else where the safety of walkers must be considered and ensured. Take a look at our online catalog of steel plate flooring today at!

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